Mutual mediation has independent, professionally trained mediator who are ready help you and the other party work out an agreement and move forward from the dispute.

Our mediators are fully trained and registered and regulated by the family mediation council and members of the College of mediators

Mutual Mediation can help you stay in control. No-one will make you do anything against your wishes.

Our mediators will help you find a solution which works for you both and explain how you can make an agreements legally binding.

Mutual Mediation uses “SMART” proposal strategy  to provide  to help clients move forward with their proposals and arrangements.

The “SMART” Proposal Strategy” ensures all proposal are 

  • Specific to the issues that disputant have raised 
  • Measurable so both parties know what is to be expected from each other
  • Achievable to ensure any proposals made are within their capability
  • Realistic to ensure the proposal will last for a long time and can be improved in the future
  • Timely to ensure both participants have a set goal of what to expect and when

A judge will expect you to have considered mediation before you apply to a court to hear your case. They can refuse to hear your case until you have done this.

We understand conflicts and disputes can be a very difficult time for disputants, our mediators ensure all parties to mediation feel comfortable and safe at all times.

We have the facility to provide separate meeting rooms to parties at request and also hold co-mediation sessions with a second mediator.

Our mediators our friendly, polite and approachable, ensuring client care is always at the heart of their service

Our offices conveniently located throughout London and easily accessible via public transport.

How Mutual Mediation can help

  • We give you more say about what happens and focus on what is important to you both
  • Our mediation sessions are less stressful, with less conflict between both parties
  • We can help you save cost of resolving disputes/conflicts and our services cost a fraction of the cost of legal proceedings.
  • Our services are much quicker and cheaper than long drawn-out court battles
  • Our Mediators remain neutral and impartial at all times
  • Our mediators work with both parties and not against you
  • We ensure you are comfortable and safe at all times
  • Family mediation can be less upsetting or damaging for any children involved – and helps them continue important family relationships
  • Your legal rights remain unaffected.
  • No-one will make you do anything against your wishes.
  • We can help turn your agreements into legally binding orders
  • We can facilitate negotiations to achieve flexible agreements where you make can changes if your circumstances change
  • We can arrange meeting rooms closer to your location for convenience
  • We can facilitate separate meeting rooms to accommodate shuttle mediation
  • Most people who start mediation will reach agreement without having to go to court
  • Our Family mediation service can help facilitate Arrangements  for children after you break up (sometimes called custody, residence or contact) Child maintenance payments Finances (for example, what to do with your house, savings, pension, debts).
  • We can also help you with the other issues you might face, for example, your children keeping in touch with their grandparents, step families, or in-laws.
  • We can also be help when arrangements you’ve made before need to change, particularly as your children grow up.

“Mutual Mediation, helping you move forward”