Family Mediation

• MAIMS / C100
• Divorce mediation
• Separation
• Child arrangement orders
• Child custody orders
• Prenuptial/Pre-marital agreements
• Family group conference (FGC)
• Financial and property mediation
• Alimony disagreements
• Parenting plans (child custody and visitation)
• Extended Family issues
• Family businesses
• Family reconciliation

Workplace Conflict

• Reduce staff turn Over
• Grievances
• Financial disputes
• Wrongful termination
• Workers’ compensation
• Discrimination
• Harassment
• Grievances
• Family business conflict

Community Mediation

• Conflict at home
• Disputes with neighbours 
• Wider community disputes
• Faith conflict
• School conflicts

  • All Issues Mediation with Mutual Mediation is a carefully designed mediation service for couples/parents who need to resolve a number of issues to do with both their financial separation, as well as developing a long lasting plan for co-parenting in the years following their separation or divorce. 

Within All Issues Mediation, our mediator will help you create a fair and workable financial separation solution between you in a way that will enable security and certainty for both, as well as working to ensure that you both have strong, positive future relationships with your children.

  • Our Child arrangement mediation is designed to empower parents to be able to make fully informed decisions and agreements on; (which cover not limited to)
    • Co-parenting plans,
    • Contact arrangement
    • Living arrangements
    • Visitations
    • Child Finances
  • Our Mediators are trained to support parents to focus on the best interest of their children through specialised communication techniques, providing the children to have the greatest possible chance of retaining a solid relationship with both parents following the parent’s separation or divorce.
  • Mutual Mediation also have mediators who are trained for Child inclusive mediation (CIM), and are able to involve children within the mediations sessions if required.
  • Our home is our sanctuary, but also have to live in a community with different individuals with different belief, lifestyle, neighbours, within the family or the wider community. Conflict within the community over noise, loud music, parking spaces, children arguments, etc. can seriously affect people’s health and wellbeing. Instead of our home being a sanctuary, home can become a place of tension and unhappiness. In these circumstances, people commonly suffer sleep loss and other symptoms of stress, which in turn may impact on their physical health and their ability to function well in their wider lives.

Disputes can drag on and may impact on other neighbours too. They can lead to costly legal proceedings which often entrench, rather than resolve, bad feeling.

  • Mutual Mediation is trained swiftly and constructively address disputes involving neighbours, family members, young people, or groups of people in almost any situation where each side is willing to participate and seek a mutual way forward. We use the facilitative model of mediation, helping clients to create their own workable, lasting solutions to problems.

Our service is cost-effective, flexible and responsive to the needs of clients.

For parents experiencing family conflict often turn to their immediate family members for support and advice. This support and advice can often be bias and not child focus. Our mediators are trained to lead family group conferences a process led by family members and extended family members. Mutual Mediation will facilitate to help families focus on their children to plan and make decisions for a child who is at risk. Often through family conferences the concerns of the other parents can be put to ease knowing the parents have other members who can also support their children in times of need.

Family disputes can be a huge burden on emotion and be life changing. Some families may  not wish to separate/divorce but are unable to reconcile their differences due to high emotion, misunderstanding and communication breakdown. Our mediators can help family members wishing to reconcile to improve understanding and communication. Through “Empathic questioning” our mediators are able to identify the cause for the position adopted by a disputant coupled with setting “SMART proposals”  our mediators can help structure a foundation for improving communication and reconciliation behaviour.  

  • Every family has arguments from time to time, particularly teenagers and parents. Sometimes this can lead to family breakdown, which can effect younger siblings, deterioration of elder parent’s/ carers health, young people becoming homeless, youth turning to drugs as coping mechanism.
  • Mutual Mediation helps people talk and listen to each other, and work towards better communication and understanding. We offer help to improve/restore communications with your family, whoever you consider your family to be, whether living together or apart, if the young person is aged between 8 & 18.

Mediation is a well-established process for resolving disagreements in which an impartial third party (the mediator) helps people in dispute to find mutually acceptable resolutions. Mediation has always been and is encouraged within all religion.

During difficult times many people turn to religion for solace and guidance. Our mediators understand the importance of respecting individual faith and belief and sensitively manage discussions helping individuals towards resolving complex issues. Mediation works in collaboration with religious belief and works on the same principles in managing disputes seeking a peaceful resolution.

Our mediator Mohammed collaborates with Islamic scholars and Imam’s on regular basis to understand the guidance the different school of Islamic thought provides in managing family difficulties and is able to implement the knowledge in his mediation practice. Islamic mediation is a collaborative process with mediator providing both legal and Islamic information to facilitate discussions between parties and aim for a win/win agreement that is their own.

  • Our school mediation is designed to resolve disputes which can involve issues between staff, managers, governors, parents and pupils. Depending on the type of issues out mediation may reflect workplaces or collective mediation techniques.
  • Where students may be involved Our specialist trained Child inclusive mediator (“CIM”) is qualified to ensure the mediation is tailored to suit young people. Our mediators can help to resolve issues involving (not limited to)
    • persistent breaches of school rules,
    • those involving other students,
    • those that arise as a result of difficulties at home.
  • In such cases the mediators will arrange separate meetings so that those involved can give their points of view.
  • Referrals to our Schools Mediation Service can be made by schools, families or students.
  • We understand that the stress, anxiety of financial and property issues start before couple separate or divorce and this difficult time can lead to conflict and disagreements.
  • Our mediation service for Separating of divorcing couples have been design to facilitate couples through supportive communication techniques to communicate with their partners about the practicalities of separation or divorce can be difficult. We endeavour to empower both partners to be able to communicate and agree on the practicalities of;
    • Financial separation
    • Property agreements
    • And for each partner to confidently move forward.
  • Workplace and employment are usually unresolved conflict costing an organisation a lot more than just money. Conflicts at work or with employers usually demotivate staff who are unhappy and feel underappreciated. Some can also lead to loss of skilled and talented staff increase turnover additional finances and resources being spent on training new and ultimately loss of potential business. At time it may be a disputes between collective of employees in conflict with management bringing operation to slow or even a halt.
  • Mutual Mediation is equipped to deal with all matters relating to workplace and employment conflicts (not limited to)
    • Collective mediation
    • Reducing staff turn Over
    • Grievances
    • Financial disputes
    • Wrongful termination
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Discrimination
    • Harassment
    • Grievances
    • Family run business conflict
  • Our workplace mediation services resolve complex and challenging disputes swiftly, effectively and with as little disruption as possible. Our expert mediators work with all parties in a dispute to establish their underlying needs and interests, encourage dialogue and ultimately, facilitate a mutually acceptable resolution.
  • In most cases, mediation lasts for one full day. Experience has shown us that entrenched positions can be adopted when problems are overlooked or inflamed, whereas our fully-trained and skilled mediators can help your employees move towards a more constructive and satisfactory resolution and restore collective aim towards organisational goals.

“Mutual Mediation, helping you move forward”