Mutual Mediation provides an easy, cost effective and swift form of alternative dispute resolution. Registered with the family mediation council and a member of the college of mediators, our mediators are adept in managing all forms of family issues, work conflicts, inter-generational matters, International property disputes, wills and probate issues and community disputes.

Mutual mediation aims to provide a highly professional and responsive mediation service to facilitate clients in achieving practical arrangements and resolutions to disputes. We have successfully mediated many separations, divorces, finance and properties, alimony, child arrangements and work conflict agreements and are also skilled in managing high conflict situations.

Our team of professional mediators understand disputants can experience a mixture of emotions during conflicts and also the hardship of moving forward. Mutual Mediation provides disputants the information and the opportunity to safely and quickly seek options to mediate contentious issues outside of court using open communication and interest-based negotiation techniques.

Mediation facilitates the securing of an agreement suited and agreed by both parties. The arrangements and agreements achieved through mediation can be equally effective as court orders.

We ensure our clients are comfortable and are in control of the process. All information is dealt with strict confidentiality and is without prejudice. Mediation does not make any judgment and all proposed agreements are made with both parties’ consent.

Mutual Mediation strives to provide their client with exceptionally high standard service. We understand it may be a very difficult and stressful time. We endeavour to make mediation as simple and easy for you at a very competitive rate.  We are able to provide special rates to clients who require more than five sessions.

Mutual Mediation have the facility to arrange meeting rooms closer to client’s locations for convenience and all our meeting rooms provide privacy, comfort and are easily accessible.


“Mediation facilitates discussion to keep you the client in control, to help you make your own decision without judgment”